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Welcome to the second edition of Up and Running with Autodesk® Inventor® Simulation 2011 – A step-by-step guide to engineering design solutions.

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Welcome to the second edition of Up and Running with Autodesk® Inventor® Simulation 2011 – A
step-by-step guide to engineering design solutions.
I hope you found the first edition of the book very useful and interesting. I thank you very
much for your feedback/suggestions, which have helped me to make the second edition of
the book even better. In this edition I have included modal analysis, stress singularities, H–P
convergence, and suggestions on how to model and improve results. Simulation theory is
now enhanced to include open, closed, and redundant mechanisms – including friction and
restitution contact properties. The NEW Frame Analysis functionality is also included in this

This book has been written using actual design problems, all of which have greatly benefited
from the use of Simulation technology. For each design problem, I have attempted to explain
the process of applying Inventor Simulation using a straightforward, step-by-step approach,
and have supported this approach with explanations and tips. At all times, I have tried to
anticipate what questions a designer or development engineer would want to ask while he or
she were performing the task and using Inventor Simulation.
The design problems have been carefully chosen to cover the core aspects and capabilities
of Dynamic Simulation, stress and frame analysis and their solutions are universal,
so you should be able to apply the knowledge quickly to your own design problems with

The book basically comprises three sections: Dynamic Simulation (Chapters 1–8), Stress
Analysis (Chapters 9–16), and Frame Analysis (Chapters 17–19). Chapters 1, 9, and 17 provide
an overview of Dynamic Simulation, stress analysis, frame analysis, and the Inventor
Simulation interface and features to give you a good grounding in the core concepts and the
software’s strengths, weaknesses, and workarounds. Each design problem illustrates a different
approach and demonstrates key aspects of the software, making it easier for you to pick and
choose which design problem you want to cover first; therefore, having read Chapter 1, it is
not necessary to follow the rest of the book sequentially.

The joint creation process, including redundant joints, within Dynamic Simulation is possibly
the most powerful but hard to master feature of the software, and, in my experience, one
of the areas that most users struggle with. Therefore, this book has a particular emphasis on
the joint creation process, and shows all the possible methods of creating joints efficiently.
Each of Chapters 2–8 starts by showing which joint is being used to make it easier for you to
concentrate on the joints required for your own design problems.

Stress and modal analysis within Inventor has been around for many years but its usage has
been limited until now by the single-part stress analysis capability. With the release of 2010,
this limitation has been overcome by the inclusion of assembly stress and modal analysis
and the unique and powerful parametric optimization function, which is discussed in detail
in Chapters 9–16.



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