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mental ray® is a render engine that comes standard with 3ds Max from Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment division.

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mental ray® is a render engine that comes standard with 3ds Max from Autodesk’s Media and Entertainment division.
It is an engine with enormous potential, possibly the best there is. Unfortunately, the documentation available for
mental ray with 3ds Max is not really user friendly. Most people who start to work with it the first time, without
going over the manual, experience difficulties. Even after reading the very technically oriented manual, the average
user still is not able to produce consistent results.

However, there have been major improvements toward the user interface of mental ray with this new release, making
it more intuitive. Major strides have been made in the use of materials and lighting of scenes. It is now actually
possible to create stunning images with a few mouse clicks, just by using a very small portion of the capabilities
that mental ray has as a whole and without any deep knowledge of what really happens and why things turn out
the way they do.

This book is set up in the following manner. It introduces some basic concepts and rules that you will need to follow.
The book then examines rendering with the mental ray. Step-by-step tutorials teach you how to render scenes with
indirect light or with specific effects, such as depth of field and motion blur. The book also talks about contour
line shading and various other mental ray features. Next, the book explains how to use the different light types of
3ds Max inside mental ray and how to use mental ray’s own specific area lights and its new daylight system. Finally,
the book reviews mental ray–specific materials and what effects can be obtained by using most of the specific mental
ray shaders. In the end, you will really understand what you are doing so that your creativity can take over, rather
than a lack of understanding of the software getting in your way.

This book is intended for the average 3ds Max user who is familiar with the program already but lacks the experience
and doesn’t want (or simply doesn’t have the time) to spend hours trying to find out how everything works inside
mental ray. The book starts working with mental ray in a procedural, step-by-step manner. It goes over the software
by using a lot of example scenes, which have been organized in a logical way, taking one step at a time. Not every
detail is discussed since they are too specific for the average user, who will rarely use them, if at all. This book is
intended to be a practical guide.



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