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One thing I really love about the games industry today is its “openness” compared to manyindustries. To start out in the games industry you don’t need a degree. All you need is a computer. And an Internet connection.

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One thing I really love about the games industry today is its “openness” compared to manyindustries. To start out in the games industry you don’t need a degree. All you need is a computer. And an Internet connection. If you log on online right now, you can immediately visit web sitessuch as Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, and (of course) Unity to get access to professional-grade gamedevelopment software completely free of charge! The result is that almost anybody in any place onany budget, from any background and at any age, can sit at a computer and be a game developer right now .Of course, none of that openness  guarantees  you’ll automatically  know  how to use the tools,or that you’ll even like the results you get from them. You need to bring a certain something , anunderstanding, to the tools to fully realize their power and potential in practice. To do that, you’llneed to develop experience and to refine your knowledge, and to learn techniques and workflowsusing real-world examples, targeting your software of choice directly.This book focuses on Unity development specifically. And when it comes to Unity development,there’s one area where developers feel troubled or somewhat lacking in power. That area is inC# scripting. The general feel is that so much of the C# tutorials and guides out there today areso abstract and formal that it’s difficult to see how all of it should come together and be appliedproperly in real-world cases to do what you need to do to give your games that professional edge.You already know about variables, functions, loops, enumerations, and the fundamentals. Butwhat you need is something to take you further, to help you see how all these core features can becombined in creative ways to produce a real-world, working game. The kind of game you can notonly play but study and see how it all comes together. This book aims to fill that need so you canbecome a more powerful game developer.
What Is This Book About?

This book will show you how to create a small but complete first-person shooter game in the Unityengine, step by step. In particular it’ll focus strongly on C# scripting, and on a range of relatedideas and techniques, for getting professional-grade results. We’ll explore a lot of ground, includinglevel design, vectors and mathematics, line-of-sight calculations, pathfinding and navigation, artificial intelligence, state machines, weapon creation, trajectories and paths, and load-and-savefunctionality, as well as a lot more! We’ll see things not just from a more abstract and theoreticalstandpoint, but we’ll see how theory is applied in real-world cases to get work done, graduallypiecing together a complete game we can play and enjoy, and also extend upon and improve. Theaim is to show you some real-world applications of C# scripting that you can take away to use onyour own projects, achieving your creative vision more easily and effectively.There are, of course, many things we won’t cover here. Specifically, we’ll be focusing only on C#scripting, and not on other languages such as JavaScript or Boo. That decision should not be takenas a negative judgment of those languages. Indeed, all of them are powerful and versatile in theirown ways. But it simply reflects what most people are seeking (as I see it) when they approach Unityseeking to extend their scripting skills. Additionally, we won’t be covering C# basics, such as variables, functions, and loops. I’ll assumeyou already know that stuff. Further, although we’ll cover

 some  level and game-design issues aswe start out with our game project in Chapters 1 and 2, we won’t be going too far in depth on thatsubject, as it’s covered amply elsewhere and because the main focus here is on C# and scriptingspecifically. And finally, we won’t be covering every aspect of the C# language or every possible way it can beused. This is for the simple reason that no book could hope to do that, just as no English dictionarycan tell you about every possible combination of words or every possible application of them. Thisbook covers a specific set of C# features in a specific set of ways. The idea is that by showing youspecific cases and specific applications, you can see how the general techniques apply to your owngames.

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