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Rather than just showing you how each command works, this book shows you AutoCAD 2017 in the context of a meaningful activity.

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How to Use This Book
Rather than just showing you how each command works, this book shows you AutoCAD 2017
in the context of a meaningful activity. You’ll learn how to use commands while working on an
actual project and progressing toward a goal. This book also provides a foundation on which
you can build your own methods for using AutoCAD and become an AutoCAD expert. For
this reason, we haven’t covered every single command or every permutation of a command
response. You should think of this book as a way to get a detailed look at AutoCAD as it’s used
on a real project. As you follow the exercises, we also encourage you to explore AutoCAD on
your own, applying the techniques that you learn to your own work.
Both experienced and beginning AutoCAD users will find this book useful. If you aren’t an
experienced user, the way to get the most out of this book is to approach it as a tutorial—chapter
by chapter—at least for the first two parts of the book. You’ll find that each chapter builds on
the skills and information that you learned in the previous one. To help you navigate, the exercises
are shown in numbered steps. To address the needs of all readers worldwide, the exercises
provide both Imperial (feet/inches) and metric measurements. Some exercises use generic units
of measurement or, if the focus of the exercise is not dependent on the measurement system,
Imperial is used.

After you’ve mastered the material in Part 1 and Part 2, you can follow your interests and
explore other parts of the book in whatever order you choose. Part 3 takes you to a more
advanced skill level. There you’ll learn more about storing and sharing drawing data and how
to create more complex drawings. If you’re interested in 3D, check out Part 4. If you want to start
customizing right away, go to Part 5. You can check out Chapter 25 at any time because it gives
you general information about sharing AutoCAD files with your co-workers and consultants.
You can also use this book as a ready reference for your day-to-day problems and questions
about commands. “The Bottom Line” section at the end of each chapter will help you review
and look at different ways to apply the information that you’ve learned. Experienced users will
also find this book a handy reference tool.Finally, you can learn more about AutoCAD through the author-supplied bonus chapters found
at www.omura.com/chapters. For example, if you run into problems using AutoCAD, see the section

“When Things Go Wrong” in Bonus Chapter 3, “Hardware and Software Tips.” To delve
into the details of printers and plotting, check out Bonus Chapter 5,” Understanding Plot Styles.”

AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017
Autodesk has released AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017 simultaneously. Not surprisingly,
they’re nearly identical in the way they look and work. You can share files between the two programs
with complete confidence that you won’t lose data or corrupt files. The main differences
are that AutoCAD LT doesn’t support all of the 3D functions of AutoCAD 2017, nor does it support
the customization tools of AutoLISP® or the .NET Framework. But AutoCAD LT still has
plenty to offer in both the productivity and customization areas. Because they’re so similar, we
can present material for both programs with only minor adjustments.
When a feature is discussed that is available only in AutoCAD 2017, you’ll see the AutoCAD
Only icon. For the purposes of this publication, the “ACAD only” icon means that the relevant
(or adjacent) content applies only to AutoCAD software and not to AutoCAD LT software.
You’ll also see warning messages when tutorials vary between AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD
LT. If only minor differences occur, you’ll see either a warning message or directions embedded
in the exercise indicating the differences between the two programs.
We’ve also provided workaround instructions wherever possible when AutoCAD LT doesn’t
offer a feature found in AutoCAD 2017.

Getting Information Fast
In each chapter, you’ll find extensive tips and discussions in the form of sidebars set off from
the main text. These provide a wealth of information that we have gathered over years of using
AutoCAD on a variety of projects in different office environments. You may want to browse
through the book and read these boxes just to get an idea of how they might be useful to you.
Another available quick reference is Bonus Chapter 4, “System Variables and Dimension
Styles.” It contains descriptions of all the dimension settings with comments on their uses. If
you experience any problems, you can consult the section “When Things Go Wrong” in Bonus
Chapter 3, “Hardware and Software Tips.”

The Mastering Series
The Mastering series from Sybex provides outstanding instruction for readers with intermediate
and advanced skills in the form of top-notch training and development for those already working
in their field, and clear, serious education for those aspiring to become pros. Every Mastering
book includes the following:
◆◆ Skill-based instruction with chapters organized around real tasks rather than abstract concepts
or subjects
◆◆ Self-review test questions, so that you can be certain you’re equipped to do the job right
What to Expect
Mastering AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017 is divided into five parts, each representing a
milestone in your progress toward becoming an expert AutoCAD user. Here is a description of
those parts and what they will show you.



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