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Welcome to the world of 3D! The fact that you are reading this book means that there is a goodchance you are interested in 3D animation.

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Welcome to the world of 3D! The fact that you are reading this book means that there is a goodchance you are interested in 3D animation. You have heard that Blender is a freely availableprogram capable of making such animations, so now you want to know how to use it, and fast!But then, it’s dangerous for me to guess this scenario. Perhaps it’s 3D games you’re interestedin making. Perhaps you’re not into the animation side of things, but you want a good referenceon how to get started on making your own 3D models. Maybe you’ve heard that Blender hassome powerful video-editing capabilities. Well, Blender can do all these things and so muchmore. When I started using Blender, I was soon overwhelmed with the many controls it has.Buttons just seemed to be arranged all over the place! When I pressed one button to see what itdid, sometimes all the other controls around it would change, but I had no clue as to what thebutton I had just clicked was supposed to be doing. What I needed was direction. I didn’t want a manual explaining what every button does (Ididn’t have the patience), but a guide to explain just the few important options needed to getme started. I’m hoping that this is the kind of book I have written for you.This book does not aim to be exhaustive, and yet it is not written to an overly simplifiedmanner so as to insult your intelligence. 3D animation by its very nature is not simple. What you have with Beginning Blender is a book that covers a good range of the many different areasof Blender, with practical examples to get you fast-tracked into using those areas. Whether you are wanting to learn 3D modeling, animation, game-making, or movieproduction, this book will get you started the area you want to go.The following sections outline what we’ll cover in each chapter.



Blender, özgür bir üç boyutlu modelleme ve canlandırma uygulamasıdır. Blender tasarısı, 1998'de Hollanda'da kurulan Neo Geo adlı canlandırma stüdyosunun, kendi kadrosuyla yazılım geliştirerek kendi üretim araçlarına sahip olmayı hedeflemesiyle başlamıştır.

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