Autodesk 3Ds Max 2016 Extenstion 1 is now available

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Autodesk is located in Turkey Blog article. Yes we're still a new innovation from betting with our article together due to the new features in our lesson series break does not erupt again as soon as possible is an innovation. Autodesk does not stop empty last week announced the game engine, new this week, already is a world novelty that comes with the published Extenstion for 3Ds Max 2016 1 package and there are really very nice in the context of innovation, for example, is one of the most salient features, and we're going to bet on a more detailed way TextPlus property. …

If you want to now what is new in the package this newcomer, before I forget, don't forget to download from this link.

Text Plus:

3dsMax2016Ext1_TextPlus .jpg

As you can see in the picture is what you might call a more advanced post editor not only briefly but because you are not printing and writing in different ways when writing, you can make it in 3-d and you can make editing as you wish and are basic program, such as Word, you can copy and paste, a more detailed explanation below that video too.

The point is what other new features especially for those interested in serious innovations with character modeling comes to model your character that you have developed methods and properties can make skin application and transactions with more flexible, you can make it. ..

3dsMax2016Ext1_GVB_Heatmap .jpg

You may have your characters with the model again to have more continuity with an engine this engine in the previous article we bahisetmiş more advanced thanks to stingray engine modeling and animation preparation processes will be waiting for you, and of course more advanced feature games and game characters. …

3dsMax2016Ext1-LiveLink .jpg

Of course, both interior and exterior designers not forgotten we tell you all the features of scene designs, you can seamlessly in addition, stingray engine you is presented to your service.

It's not over, there are more what's new for designers right away;

All objects and object your scenes, and even that I have used the camera can even alive to your links, then use the stingray with extremely realistic rendering engine are you can make out of this is a more advanced shaderFX will be waiting for you.

3dsMax2016Ext1_PBR .jpg

Now what about this picture, you might say, but demeyiniz, because whatever it is that you are prepared with stingray engine as you see in the picture you can see the final version without rendering and you can save a lot of time, he said..

Now, guru is a short interview of Loofbourrow to Nathan of the watch;

And, of course, not one of the new features and olmazssa MCG (Max Creation Graph) to one of the new features from many new animation controls animation controls added useful to examine.

3dsMax2016Ext1_MCG_Controllers .jpg

And finally bahisedeceği new Market we have been incorporated into 3Ds Max's supermarket prepared a lot for free and paid models and object ulaşablirsiniz.

3dsMax2016Ext1_Creative_Market .jpg

3dsMax2016Ext1-CreativeMarket .jpg

If you want to visit their store site here address: Creative Market

See you soon….


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