Autodesk 3Ds Max 2017 Service Pack 3

05. Ekim 2016 3Ds Max 0

Merhaba geçtiğimiz günlerde 3Ds Max 2017 sürümü için 3. service pack yayınlandı ve yine kullanıcılar tarafından bildirilen hatalar düzeltilmesi sağlandı. Sizde 3Ds Max’in 2017 sürümünü kullanıyor iseniz bu güncelleme paketini kurmanız da fayda var. Aşağıda yer alan tabloda ne gibi hataların giderildiğini görebilirsiniz.


1. Download the appropriate file for your system. See Versions of the Service Pack.
2. Double-click the Service Pack 3 executable.
3. Follow the installation prompts in the Service Pack 3 installer.

NOTE for SP3: If you are not using the Autodesk update Manager it is recommended to improve install performance by forcing silent install:
1. Open a command prompt in the same folder as the .msp
2. Run the command:
msiexec /update 3dsMax2017_SP3.msp /quiet /l* update_2017_SP3.log

Windows 7 / Windows 8
1. Open Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.
2. Click View Installed Updates.
3. Select Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 Service Pack 3.
4. Click Uninstall.

Windows 10
1. In Search Windows, type Installed Updates and select View Installed Updates.
2. Select Autodesk 3ds Max 2017 Service Pack 3.
3. Click Uninstall.

Key Summary Component
MAXX-32209 Curve Editor values shown in comma, typing in with points Animation
MAXX-32549 TMCache – exporting CAT animation produces flipped animation and 3ds Max lockup Animation
MAXX-30809 Customer Error Repor with Cloth Animation
MAXX-32392 OGS Security Update Components Integration
MAXX-32393 FileIO Security Update Components Integration
MAXX-32404 Merge OBJ import / export change to 2017 FileIO
MAXX-32404 OBJ Export/Import Presets settings dialog is not DPI aware and has cutoff buttons FileIO
MAXX-32706 X-Ref objects are scattered randomly in 3ds Max 2017 FileIO
MAXX-30487 OBJ importer corrupts geometry FileIO
MAXX-31073 OBJ Import with Multi/Sub Object Material is not complete FileIO
MAXX-21929 OBJ exporter breaks uvs when there are specified normals FileIO
MAXX-32715 For files with X-Ref controllers that have an offset created in 3ds Max 2017 prior to SP3, OR created in 3ds Max 2016 or earlier but loaded and saved from 3ds Max 2017 prior to SP3, when loading them into 3ds Max 2017 SP3 and newer you will need to execute one of two Maxscript commands in order to get the transform stored in the X-Ref controllers.

Before loading the file you will need to execute:

local xrc=XRef_Controller()
rc.usePre2017TransformOrderingFor2017 = false

OR, after loading the file you will need  to execute for each xref object call Update2017FCSOffsetTM() on the xref controller:

for o in objects do o.transform.controller.Update2017FCSOffsetTM()

MAXX-32439 Select by material is broken Materials
MAXX-32380 Initialising a Maxscript array using by-Ref entries creates an array with the dereferenced values only ( not the intact byRef ValueRef’s ) Maxscript
MAXX-32665 Light Lister error loading scene with lights that have custom attributes Maxscript
MAXX-32428 Fix MCG Vector and INode parameters MCG
MAXX-32683 fails in Network render mode MCG
MAXX-29938 Can not change Boolean operation type before add operand. Modeling
MAXX-32583 Error when changing subobject level with some modifers Modeling
MAXX-32550 Arnold: cannot open EXR in the image viewer when rendering with multiple AOVs Rendering
MAXX-32440 Corruption of gamma settings in 3dsmax.ini when writing to maxscript varaibles Rendering
MAXX-32675 Creating multiple Arnold lights disconnects the parameter UI Rendering
MAXX-32676 Mesh picking is not canceled when user leaves an Arnold mesh light’s modify tab Rendering
MAXX-32562 The second displayed Tab is empty when opening Render Setup for Mental Ray and Iray UI